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Free SU Diploma, Gift Bag & Shipping – (enter name for diploma on checkout page)

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Sexx University MSA Diploma (Master of Sexual Administration)

  • Handsome 8 x 10” Frame-Ready Parchment Diploma
  • Masters Graduate Degree with Magna Cum Laude Distinction
  • Comes Pre-Printed with Recipient’s Name, or Blank For You To Add Name Afterward
  • Complement’s SU Purchase or Personalizes SU Gift
  • We Know You’ve Accumulated the Prerequisites; Now Display the Pedigree!

Personalized Parchment MSA Diploma complements our SU gear and honors the recipient for all their hard work! Make a purchase special, or an SU gift unforgettable, by including an MSA diploma to frame and hang.

Sexx University Gift Bag


  • Gloss White with SU’s Scarlet Arched Logo Emblazoned
  • Graduate Program Distinction Displayed Underneath Logo
  • 13 x 5 x10.5”
  • White Handles

The SU Gift Bag is perfect for all your SU gear, especially if given as a present.  Include a personalized parchment MSA Diploma too and create an outstanding gift package: SU Apparel + SU Bag + MSA Diploma = Big Smiles!  (Bag, Diploma and Shipping are also included free with $60+ purchases.)

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