Dear Alumni,

Welcome to Sexx University’s web store collection. In it you’ll find quality clothing for men & women that incorporates our own brand of sexual attitude, compliments of Sexx University’s (SU) trained staff. That’s SU’s mission!

Browse the store. Find items that perfectly express your individual SU school spirit. Or perhaps you know someone “special” that deserves SU recognition for all their diligent hard work and enthusiasm! Whatever the case, be sure to include our parchment MSA Diploma and Gift Bag with your purchase. (Or spend $60+ and receive them free with shipping too.) Our handsome MSA (Master of Sexual Administration) Diploma complements SU’s apparel, looks outstanding framed and recognizes every “Graduate’s” achievements with high honor & distinction. And our SU Gift Bag is a real keeper.

You’ve rigorously burned the midnight oil studying for finals, conscientiously preparing for years. We’re certain you’ve earned your Master’s, Magna Cum Laude, along the way! Now display your MSA with SU’s heartfelt congratulations.

Additionally, SU’s staff constantly adds new garments to it’s collection to accommodate the changing seasons and styles. We hope you enjoy what we’ve assembled so far. However, let us know any ideas or suggestions you might have to expand the collection. Send those emails to

Also, for extra credit, send back a picture socially with you in your SU apparel, or displaying it somehow in front of a great background. Be creative. We tend to award the best, most well-crafted photographs, with free SU gifts from time-to-time. So show off your photographic prowess & advertising flair—and let’s see what you’ve got!

Faculty and Staff