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San Francisco Alumni Chapter of Sexx University

Alumni from Northern California gathered in the “South Bay” over the Labor Day weekend to swap stories, make new friends and party until the wee hours of the morning—and Sexx University (SU) enjoyed every minute of it!  The SU booth was buzzing all weekend as Alumni and friends dropped by, picked up apparel and received their freshly printed diplomas.  Our scarlet SU cami's and black “Graduate Program” cap sleeves were big “Bay Area” favorites throughout the weekend.  

The Sexx University faculty also provided seminars on the “Erotic Art of Couple Centric Photography.”  These seminars allowed SU Alumni to use our camera packages, as well as their own cameras, connected wirelessly to SU's on-site photo studio.  The faculty taught Alumni how to create great light using their camera's manual mode, by mixing multiple studio strobes with natural outdoor window light.  The seminars were incredible, and the SU faculty had a terrific time instructing all weekend.  Below are a few selects of Alumni looking good during class, sporting some SU apparel and very big smiles.  Keep practicing the photo techniques Alumni, and remember the SU motto, “Excellence Through Repetition.”

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