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In the News

Sexx University Knocks-Out The Extreme Fighting Challenge

Columbus, Ohio was rumbling May 12th as the Extreme Fighting Challenge came to town and Sexx University had ring-side seats for all the action. The faculty suited up gorgeous “ring-girls” in Sexx University's new summer camisoles and everyone looked downright smashing, if we do say so ourselves. In-between rounds, while spectators were catching their breath from the intense bouts, the ring-girls were causing a hyperventilation of their own, strutting the cage and announcing the rounds. See the photos below for a glimpse of the show.

Congratulations to the competitors! Gentlemen, you put on an impressive display of technique, round after round. And, congratulations to the finalists! You deserve the spotlight and all the applause at evening's end, claiming your trophies from the Sexx University ring girls!

Great Job,
Faculty & Staff
Sexx University

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