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In the News

Sexx University Does “Made-In-Bliss”

We want to thank everyone who stopped by and supported Sexx University (SU) last month during the Made-In-Bliss Rave in West LA (March 10). The evening was a tremendous success and the sound from the three DJ driven rooms was non-stop energy! And, as the saying goes, “You had to be there.”

Throughout the evening we had the opportunity to make some terrific new friends and introduce many folks to Sexx University's men's & women's apparel for the first time. In other words, we converted many virgins; and the response was overwhelming! Thanks for all the great feedback and support! We also promise to bring more Sexxy Black Panties next time, and not run out so soon. 

Below are some “Graduation” photos taken on-site at the SU booth during the show with our studio light kit…commencement was a “raving” success! Congratulations Alumni; you do Sexx University proud. 

All the best,
Faculty & Staff
Sexx University

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