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Sexx University Diploma Download

Download your Free Sexx University Diploma. After all those years of diligent work, you've certainly earned it! Now display the credentials that go with your pedigree:
Master of Sexual Administration

Click on this Diploma Link to download a .pdf file of the Diploma.  Type your name into the “Your Name Here” box and print the Diploma on your own color printer.  Congratulations, you’re Alumni.

In addition, a “Your Name Here” Word Doc is available for download that positions your name perfectly onto a blank parchment MSA Diploma you may have received from a retailer.  Click "Your Name Here" to download this Word Doc. Replace “Your Name Here” with your own name and feed your blank parchment Diploma through your printer to add your name to it.  Congratulations!

Include the handsome Sexx University Diploma with any SU item you gift too.  It complements the apparel, looks terrific framed and, more importantly, it recognizes every “Graduate’s” achievements—with high honors!  Or rather, Magna Cum Laude!

Click here to download the Diploma PDF file

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